This is a recreation of the original Iglyph Design website, which disappeared off the Internet around May 2002. It has been restored in order to house new versions of the TrayMenu application, which I am now maintaining after undertaking a project to reverse engineer the lost source code to v2.0.2 of the application for use at my place of employment.

-James Haley

Wei Ke's Original Greeting
The programs posted here are all free for download, most of them come with source code. They are provided here in the hope of easing your daily computer life. They also express some sense of the author's view of programming (if you are not a programmer, don't be bothered with this.) The author hopes that these programs will help him to communicate with others, so if you find them useful, please write down your comment and send it to the author.

Unless declared explicitly, all the programs here run on Windows XP or later.

TrayMenu 2.0.2 Build 3514
Place shortcuts in system tray; organize shortcuts in pop up menus; expand folder shortcuts into cascaded menus. This is a very compact utility to explore your computer from the system tray.

This version of TrayMenu subclasses the system tray clock window to display icons, so it cannot be used together with other programs that also subclass the system tray clock window.

Starting from version 2.0.1, TrayMenu is free software, so you can download the source code package here. To compile the source code (written in C++), you should have Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or higher (Express versions are supported, though you will not be able to visually edit resource files). It should be portable to Borland C++ as well, but some minor work will no doubt be required as I have not maintained Ke's original build files.

This version includes the "beta" TMSBar component which was introduced in v2.0.2 build 3513. Unfortunately, no one seems to have saved the source code for this version before Ke's site went offline. I have recovered it through use of professional reverse engineering tools and my considerable experience in reversing gained through other projects such as Chocolate Strife. I will be maintaining a new fork of the codebase, probably under a new name starting with v2.0.3, which is currently in progress.


TrayMenu 2.0.2 Public Source Code Repository
TODO: Link to a public source code repository here when one is established.

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