Bonus - Card of the Day #2
Legendary Jujitsu Master Legendary Jujitsu Master
Earth, Level 3, [Rock/Effect]
ATK: 1300, DEF: 1800
AST-017, Common

"A monster that battles with this Defense Position card is returned to the top of the owner's Deck at the end of the Damage Step."

Don't listen to the people who say that there are no useful cards in the Ancient Sanctuary set. There are a few, and I think this guy is one of them.

In a vein similar to the card above, Legendary Jujitsu Master provides yet more field control, but in a manner possibly even more lethal. By returning the attacking monster to the top of its owner's deck, Legendary Jujitsu Master shuts down the opponent's draw entirely, depriving them of critical resources. Like Wall of Illusion, it is best if a high-level or high-cost monster hits this card, but with the injury it does to the next Draw Phase, even hitting a Level 4 beatstick can be satisfactory.

Unfortunately, the DEF of this card is even lower, at 1800. He's still searchable, which is good when the opponent is trying to swarm. This Warrior... wait, Rock? Now that's coming out of left field. This guy must have trained so diligently that his muscles are hard as stone. This card might be good for the semi-popular and fun Earth/Rock decks -- his effect certainly makes him more appealing than the drab Giant Soldier of Stone, even despite the 200 DEF difference.

I give Legendary Jujitsu Master a Good classification as well, for precisely the same reasons I gave it to Wall of Illusion. These two cards are similar, and there are also several other cards in the game that provide the same effects. Running many of them together creates a powerful Control strategy that shuts down an unwary opponent and allows you to set up your big play. If I pull more of these similar cards, expect them to appear in any future iterations of my high-defense deck. I do hope one will appear with higher defense, however.


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