Castlevania: Crescent Moon Concerto

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: Blood Relations
  2. Chapter 2: Within These Castle Walls
  3. Chapter 3: Calling from Heaven
  4. Chapter 4: Offense and Defense
  5. Appendices
    1. Author's Notes by Chapter
    2. The Castle
    3. Map of Transylvania
    4. Background Timeline
    5. Character Concept Art


The year is 1820. Dracula's previous resurrection at the hands of the Dark Priest Shaft was cut short by the valiant efforts of the Dark Lord's own son, Alucard. Peace and prosperity have since returned to most of Transylvania and Wallachia; however, those who dwell in the shadows still yearn for death, destruction, and the rule of Chaos.

Amongst these evil malcontents is one Mas Valen, first apprentice of Shaft. This new Dark Priest possesses a power that is unrivaled as well as a legendary depravity. His motives remain unclear even to his own followers, and none can say what terror he might plan to unleash upon the world.

Even as the children of the Devil gather, the forces of good prepare themselves to make the ultimate sacrifice for the protection of the the innocent. Waiting and watching in an eternal vigilance of the Romanian countryside, men and women of all walks of life stand ready to unleash holy wrath upon any evil which might arise.

And when the call of the Blood Moon echoes through the province of Wallachia, the fate of all humanity shall hang in the balance...

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