Eternity Total Conversion Resources

This is a collection of almost everything that was produced during the development of Eternity TC, including the good, the bad, and the horrific. There's some redundancies, including more than one version of the castle map for sure, and most of the maps will not play because the custom engine the TC used (an ancient pre-release version of Eternity) isn't currently available.

There are some things I don't technically own in here, but they should be easily discernable, and use of those resources is at your own discretion. An example would be some sounds from Warcraft II and a picture of Pinhead from Hellraiser.

THE main resource wad is etc.wad which is in If you intend to launch any of the maps, you'll need to run them with this wad or you'll get missing texture problems for sure. The mapinfo data is in SMMU/Eternity format so you'll likely be missing things such as custom skies, environmental sounds, colormaps (especially the swamp's fog map), and possibly music too. Some of the maps might even contain FraggleScripts, which aren't going to work in any other port since they used custom extensions.

Anyways, you can do whatever you want with this stuff. I'd love to see somebody actually get some use out of it and maybe finish some things that weren't quite done. The Death Imp is at least 80% complete and I think it is a damn shame that he cannot be used as a monster. He still needs attack, pain, death, and gib states, and his halberd spin move (called En Garde) is not entirely complete either. My swamp map was shaping up to be quite interesting, but I see no point in completing it on its own since it was to be a storyline centerpiece where the player first met Halif Swordsmythe (the helper dwarf), and then came back to later in the game and found a cleaned up, still-occupied version of it earlier in time.

Special thanks have to go out to some of the people whose work is contained in these zips and has never seen the light of day until now, and to people who supported Eternity TC throughout the extent of its torturous six-year development:

I am sure some people were left out, so thanks to everybody who ever took more than a glance at the project ;)

And finally, here are the links!