1820 - Castlevania: Crescent Moon Concerto

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Morris Baldin in 1820

In 1820, the First Apprentice of the Dark Priest Shaft, Mas Valen, made his presence known in the province of Transylvania when Alucard and Maria found the corpses of his sacrificial victims scattered throughout the countryside. In a race against time, they urged Richter to meet with them in the city of Veros.

Along the way, Alucard and Maria encountered the youthful Morris Baldwin, freshly injured from a fierce battle with vicious werewolves. They brought him safely through the forests and marshlands as Richter fought his way to Veros, eluding the ambush of vampires set for him in the town of Jova. On the road he met a mysterious mage named Tomas, who claimed to be a Gitano from the north of Spain and was encamped along the river with a clan of Roma.

All this time, Mas Valen and his followers were laboring away far beneath the cursed earth where stood the ancient Berkeley Mansion, seeking for a treasure that was hidden there long ago. But once Mas Valen obtained what he was looking for, would even this powerful group of warriors be enough to stop him?


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