1792 - Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rinne (Dracula X: Rondo of Blood)

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The Dark Priest Called Shaft

Resurrected by the Dark Priest Shaft, Dracula immediately set about terrorizing Transylvania and plotting once again to rule the world. Deciding to play the kidnapping card again as he had long ago with Soleiyu, Dracula had his minions burn the town of Jova and seize several of its inhabitants for use as leverage against any who would attack him. Key amongst those who were taken to the dark castle were Annette Renard, girlfriend of Richter Belmont, and her kid sister Maria.

Richter Belmont, whose training had unleashed in him many before-unseen powers, was ready for the challenge, but he was severely limited in what actions he could take because of the kidnappings. In order to attack Dracula with his full power, he would first need to rescue the kidnapped villagers and his girlfriend. He set about this task from the still-burning ruins of Jova, proceeding through the Transylvanian countryside and entering Castlevania.

First he freed Maria from a flame where she had been trapped by Shaft. He later found the villagers and Annette locked away inside different dungeons. Freeing them, he then turned to battle Dracula. However, young Maria, who unbeknownst to most was magically gifted, refused to leave the castle, and instead intended to battle alongside Richter, using her ability to summon familiar spirits to aid him. Richter agreed, although it seemed like madness for a child to be in such a place, and together, the two battled ever onward.

The Young Richter Belmont

Once they reached the castle keep, Richter told Maria to leave the rest to him, as only he bore the Vampire Killer whip which would destroy the Dark Count. Maria agreed, but took up a position from which she could watch the battle. Richter approached the Count, who pridefully boasted the facts of his resurrection at the hands of humans, and stated that his rule of darkness was no more oppressive or enslaving than any religion. Richter's rage grew higher and higher, and finally, Dracula threw down his glass and declared that they had talked long enough.

The two battled for what seemed like an eternity. Richter, using his special acrobatic combat skills and magical item crash abilities, made Dracula seem like no match. However, with one swift and unexpected move, Dracula obtained the upper hand and Richter was in trouble. Before the battle could turn sour, though, Maria burst from the shadows and summoned her four friendly animal spirits to give strength to Richter. With this newfound power coursing through him, the vampire hunter could not be defeated and drove Dracula to his end.

After watching Castlevania collapse once more, Richter and Maria returned to where the villagers had gathered and recounted their stories. Richter and Annette went on to be married and started a happy life together, not expecting any further trouble in the future.

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