1999 - Julius Belmont Seals Castlevania

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Julius Belmont

Julius Belmont, modern-day direct descendent of the Belmont clan, lead a group of warriors into Castlevania. Millennialist cult members planned to use the power of Dracula to bring to pass Nostradamus's prediction that the world would end at the end of the 20th century, and they had succeeded in resurrecting the Dark Lord.

Having studied the annals of his predecessor Morris Baldwin, Julius believed it was possible to end forever Dracula's cycle of regeneration. Following the instructions left to him, he reformulated the great spell by which the spirit of Castlevania itself could be sealed away into a solar eclipse. After defeating Dracula, he and the other warriors began the incantation. Though they were fighting against all odds, their work paid off. As the last total solar eclipse of the 20th century reached completion over Wallachia, the Demon Castle vanished from the earthly plane for what they hoped would be eternity.

With the basis of his power locked away, Dracula could no longer be resurrected on the earthly plane. Thus the cycle of regeneration did indeed come to an end.

Julius and the other warriors lost all memory of their lives and of what had happened as a result of the enormous powers they had employed and fought against. The Church and various governments worked together to try to cover up what had happened and to erase the history of Dracula, hoping that he had truly become nothing more than legend.

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