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my furface "My Precious Furface"


Here you can find some of my favorite pictures of Nikki taken through the long years that we enjoyed together.

Also available are pictures from just after her death and a couple of pictures from our final paying of respects. These two categories may be triggering, as they do contain images of her after her passing. For this reason, you may wish not to view those pictures if you think it will be too sad. I encourage you to use your discretion, but also wish to let you know that she remained quite beautiful even after her death and the pictures were made with respect and a desire to preserve the powerful spirit she displayed during her time of suffering.

The final set of pictures contain images of her burial site, and were taken immediately after the memorial and burial. These do not contain any images of Nikki herself, but of her final resting place, mere yards from what was her favorite place to stay in the final year and a half of her life - my own bedroom.