VisualIB  1.0
IBExpress library for making use of Borland IBExpress outside of C++Builder
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VIB::ArrayProperty< T, A > Member List

This is the complete list of members for VIB::ArrayProperty< T, A >, including all inherited members.

ArrayProperty()VIB::ArrayProperty< T, A >inline
ArrayProperty(const Getter &pGet, const Setter &pSet)VIB::ArrayProperty< T, A >inline
getVIB::Property< T >protected
Getter typedefVIB::Property< T >protected
initCallbacks(const Getter &pGet, const Setter &pSet)VIB::Property< T >inline
operator T()VIB::Property< T >inline
operator->()VIB::Property< T >inline
operator=(const T &nv)VIB::Property< T >inline
operator[](int i)VIB::ArrayProperty< T, A >inline
Property()VIB::Property< T >inline
Property(const Getter &pGet, const Setter &pSet)VIB::Property< T >inline
setVIB::Property< T >protected
Setter typedefVIB::Property< T >protected