VisualIB  1.0
IBExpress library for making use of Borland IBExpress outside of C++Builder
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCVIB::DatabaseVIB::Database wraps the VisualIB VIBDatabase C structure to provide a C++11 object with semantics compatible with those of Borland TIBDatabase
oCVIB::Transaction::DatabasesClassProperty implementation class for the Databases property
oCVIB::DataSetVIB::DataSet wraps the VisualIB VIBDataSet C structure to provide a C++11 object with semantics compatible with those of Borland TIBDataSet
oCVIB::Database::DBParamClassClass implementing the DBParamByDPB property, which reimplements the AnsiString DBParamByDPB[int Idx] property of TIBDatabase
oCVIB::ErrorError is the root class for all VIB exceptions
|\CVIB::IBErrorIBError is thrown when InterBase errors occur
oCVIB::DataSet::FieldByNameClassClass for VIB::DataSet::FieldByName method's return value
oCVIB::DataSet::FieldClassFields property wrapper object
oCVIB::DataSet::FieldPropIntermediary for array-style access to fields, equivalent to the Borland TFields::Fields array
oCVIB::DataSet::FieldsClassTop-level Fields property wrapper class, equivalent to Borland TFields object
oCVIB::Database::ParamClassClass implementing the Params property, which reimplements the TStrings *Params property of TIBDatabase
oCVIB::Transaction::ParamClassProperty implementation class for parameters
oCVIB::SQL::ParamClassWrapper for a single Param object
oCVIB::SQL::ParamsSetClassWrapper class for Params property Reimplements Borland TIBXSQLDA
oCVIB::Property< T >Property implements Borland Delphi-style properties using standard C++11 mechanisms
|\CVIB::ArrayProperty< T, A >ArrayProperty extends Property with an array access operator, for properties which behave like C arrays or collections
oCVIB::Property< bool >
oCVIB::Property< char * >
oCVIB::Property< DatabasesClass * >
|\CVIB::ArrayProperty< DatabasesClass *, VIBDatabase * >
oCVIB::Property< DBParamClass * >
|\CVIB::ArrayProperty< DBParamClass *, std::string >
oCVIB::Property< FieldProp * >
|\CVIB::ArrayProperty< FieldProp *, FieldClass * >
oCVIB::Property< FieldsClass * >
oCVIB::Property< int >
oCVIB::Property< ParamClass * >
oCVIB::Property< ParamsSetClass * >
oCVIB::Property< SelectSQLClass * >
oCVIB::Property< short >
oCVIB::Property< SQLClass * >
oCVIB::Property< std::string >
oCVIB::Property< VIBAutoStopAction >
oCVIB::Property< VIBDatabase * >
oCVIB::Property< VIBFieldKind >
oCVIB::Property< VIBFieldType >
oCVIB::Property< VIBSQLTypes >
oCVIB::Property< VIBTraceFlags >
oCVIB::Property< VIBTransaction * >
oCVIB::Property< VIBTransactionAction >
oCVIB::Property< void * >
oCVIB::Property< void ** >
oCVIB::Property< void *** >
oCVIB::DataSet::SelectSQLClassProperty implementation class for the SelectSQL property
oCVIB::SQLVIB::SQL wraps the VisualIB VIBSQL C structure with a C++11 object with semantics compatible with those of Borland TIBSQL
oCVIB::SQL::SQLClassWrapper class for the SQL property
oCVIB::TransactionVIB::Transaction wraps the VisualIB VIBTransaction structure with a C++11 object which emulates the semantics of Borland TIBTransaction
oCVIBDatabaseWrapper for TIBDatabase
oCVIBDataSetWrapper for TIBDataSet
oCVIBErrorTracking data for the last error to occur
oCVIBSQLWrapper for a TIBSQL instance
oCVIBStringLightweight string object used to elide AnsiString return values
\CVIBTransactionWrapper for a TIBTransaction