VisualIB  1.0
IBExpress library for making use of Borland IBExpress outside of C++Builder
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VIB::SQL::ParamClass Class Reference

Wrapper for a single Param object. More...

#include <classVIBSQL.h>

Public Member Functions

 ParamClass (SQL *pParent)
 Construct a ParamClass wrapper instance.

Public Attributes

Property< std::string > AsString
 Obtain the value of the property as a string.
Property< bool > IsNull
 Test whether or not the parameter is null.
Property< int > SQLType
 Obtain the InterBase SQLType value for the parameter.

Protected Attributes

friend ParamsSetClass
std::string name
 Name of the parameter.
 Pointer to the parent VIB::SQL instance.

Detailed Description

Wrapper for a single Param object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VIB::SQL::ParamClass::ParamClass ( SQL pParent)

Construct a ParamClass wrapper instance.

[in]pParentPointer to parent VIB::SQL instance.

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