VisualIB  1.0
IBExpress library for making use of Borland IBExpress outside of C++Builder
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classVIBDataSet.h File Reference

VIB Class Library - VIBDataSet Wrapper. More...

#include <string>
#include "VIBProperties.h"

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class  VIB::DataSet
 VIB::DataSet wraps the VisualIB VIBDataSet C structure to provide a C++11 object with semantics compatible with those of Borland TIBDataSet. More...
class  VIB::DataSet::FieldByNameClass
 Class for VIB::DataSet::FieldByName method's return value. More...
class  VIB::DataSet::FieldClass
 Fields property wrapper object. More...
class  VIB::DataSet::FieldProp
 Intermediary for array-style access to fields, equivalent to the Borland TFields::Fields array. More...
class  VIB::DataSet::FieldsClass
 Top-level Fields property wrapper class, equivalent to Borland TFields object. More...
class  VIB::DataSet::SelectSQLClass
 Property implementation class for the SelectSQL property. More...

Detailed Description

VIB Class Library - VIBDataSet Wrapper.

James Haley