Card of the Day
The Fiend Megacyber The Fiend Megacyber
Dark, Level 6, [Warrior/Effect]
ATK: 2200, DEF: 1200
PSV-100, Ultra-Rare

"If your opponent has 2 or more monsters than you have on the field, you can summon this card without offering any Tributes."

I really doubt there is too much that can be said about this card, but I don't think I've ever seen it reviewed at all, let alone favorably. Here's what I like about it.

To begin, although he is called "The Fiend Megacyber", you'll note he is neither a Fiend nor a Machine. Rather, he's a Dark Warrior, and that gives him a lot of support in various decks. He's level 6, so he's not a difficult summon, and 2200 ATK is not bad -- he may not take down Jinzo without some help, but he'll bust up just about any level 4 beatstick. Put an Axe of Despair on him and he's an easier-to-summon Masked Beast! 1200 DEF is lacking, but it does make him searchable by Witch of the Black Forest, which builds on his speed.

Obviously, his basic properties are not bad, but what makes this card shine for me is his effect. When your opponent has 2 or more monsters than you on the field, you can Special Summon this guy through his own effect without offering any tributes. This makes him basically become a level 4 2200 ATK monster which can be Special Summoned. That means you can still Normal Summon during the turn, which means you could either bring out another normal monster, or even tribute this guy for something more powerful (like Jinzo) if you absolutely need a Tribute. If your opponent has 4 more monsters on the field and you have two of this guy, then you can Special Summon BOTH of them and then still Normal Summon, all in one turn. Although that won't happen very often, I'd definitely consider it broken in that situation!

In my opinion, this effect is absolutely great. It helps speed up slow decks like Ritual, Fusion, and Valkyrion, and has good shock value for the opponent. It excels against the traditional 1900-focused beatdown (not so great against the higher attack ones that run Goblin Attack Force, though), and is brutal against anything weaker. And yes, if you're into casual play like I am, you will find people running stuff a lot weaker than 1900 ATK in decks that barely work for any purpose.

So in conclusion, I'd give this card an 8/10. He's not a staple by any means, but he has a lot going for him that simply cannot be ignored. He's saved me many times in SDD, allowing me to regain control of the field with one turn, and I'm certain he'll do the same for me in real-life dueling soon enough.


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