16 June 2006
CotD: United We Stand

My interest in the game has dropped to an all-time low due to my ongoing non-involvement in the tournament scene, a complete lack of acquaintances to play, no more play sessions at the library, and, to top it all off, what I consider to be the worst sets yet made being released in stores. Face it, Shadow of Infinity is a joke, and even the promos are ridiculously horrible. Windstorm of Etaqua??? If they are TRYING to run this game into the ground, then they are succeeding. You'd do better to invest in boxes of foreign language Legend of Blue-Eyes than to buy any of this new malarkey they dare to call trading cards.

Despite all that, I'm putting up a new card review of one of my all-time old-school favorites, United We Stand. It's been on and off the ban list several times now, and anybody who doesn't understand why shouldn't be playing this game ;) Anyways it's unbanned currently, so blow the dust off your copy and get it back in that deck pronto.

After the somewhat disappointing performance of some of my decks at what was apparently the last library play session ever, I've decided to put off the reviews and deck workshop I was promising earlier. I have totally rebuilt my Chaos Deck, by the way, and it is now much leaner and better balanced. I found out the hard way that extra fluff won't cut it more than 50% of the time against Warrior Beatdowns :)

By the way, if you live in the Central Oklahoma area and care about the state of the metagame, write an email to this address and ask them why we can't have any more Yu-Gi-Oh! play sessions. I even personally volunteered to help staff the events earlier, but they refuse to schedule any more despite the fact they have nothing on their calendar every weekend for the rest of the summer. That really stinks and they should be called on it. Feel free to refer them back to this page, too, by pasting its URL in your email. Tell them Quasar sent you :)

6 March 2006
CotD: Black Luster Soldier; Deck: Chaos Unleashed

Today brings the inevitable review of the loved and hated lynchpin of Traditional (and for far too long, Advanced) Chaos and Warrior decks. Expect more CotDs and that ADW article I promised below soon. I know I neglected this page for a while, but hey, I was busy. Cards are not on the top of priority list lately.

Also now up is a long-overdue Deck Review which features my previously unreviewed but oft-mentioned Chaos deck, and explains some of the reasoning behind its existence as well as the many iterations it has been through that you didn't get to read about.

5 March 2006
New Rant

I have somewhat reluctantly posted my newest rant, entitled "The Cobra Kai Dojo of Duel Monsters," after mulling over all of the facts contained within it for several months. You may note a negative trend in my rants, and I hope that starting with the next one, they will be of a more positive subject matter. Expect a new CotD review and Advanced Deck Workshop article within two weeks.

30 September 2005
Advanced Deck Workshop Now Open

Today welcomes a new section to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Corner, the Advanced Deck Workshop. In this section I will explore experimental Advanced-format decks which you can try out and modify to your liking. Today's article covers building a "Monks of Stone" deck, centering around cards from The Lost Millennium.

28 September 2005
Quasar's Yu-Gi-Oh! Corner Reopened!

Wow, what a crazy week it's been so far. I converted the entire page to use div-based CSS layout, XHTML, and heavy PHP, so now it's clean, extensible, and scalable: try changing the size of your window and watch what happens. Neat eh?

You'll no longer find features on this main page. Click on the menus to the left to see the lists of Card of the Day Reviews, Special Features, Rants, and Deck Reviews. More features will be coming soon, as I can now freely and easily add as many sections to this page as I want.


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