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Sorcerer of Dark Magic Sorcerer of Dark Magic
Dark, Level 9, [Spellcaster/Effect]
ATK: 3200, DEF: 2800
MOV-EN002, Limited Edition

"This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by offering 2 Level 6 or higher Spellcaster-Type monsters on your side of the field as Tributes. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, you can negate the activation of Trap Cards and destroy them."

Here's one of the movie promo cards, and the one that I wanted the most. This card definitely has some real casual play potential in my opinion.

Here again we are handed a monster with scale-breaking statistics, and this time, he does have an effect to back up his thunder. This card's effect is nearly as good as Jinzo -- why nearly? If you read carefully, you'll notice he can only negate the activation of trap cards. This means that if there are continuous traps on the field before he is summoned, there's nothing he can do about them (contrary to what was shown in the movie). Still, a 3200 ATK monster with an effect even approaching that of Jinzo is formidable.

Of course, with these awesome upsides comes a big downside. This guy is tough to summon for most players. You need two level 6 or higher Spellcasters, of which there are many in the game. But most of them are rare and the best of them are ridiculously expensive. In the movie, we saw Yugi combine this card with the Reshef of Destruction promo, Sage's Stone. While I have that card, I do not have a Dark Magician Girl with which to use it. I wanted one, but she costs $50 at the local card shop! If you have DMG, the Sage's Stone combo is the current best and easiest way to bring this card out. Tribute Dark Magician and DMG for the Sorcerer, and preferably use some resurrection magic to bring back either DM or DMG (pay attention to how strong DMG will be before choosing).

In the future this card should become more playable, rather than less. I hear rumors of a pending Level 6 Spellcaster fusion monster whose material monsters happen to be the universally useful Sangan and Witch of the Black Forest. Because it will be Level 6, that means it will probably be a valid target for Magical Scientist (if it states that it can only be Special Summoned via Fusion Summon, this will not be true). In that case, you could use the Scientist to bring out 2 of them and then tribute them for the Sorcerer. Even if this won't work, lots of people run Sangan and Witch for various purposes, so it might be a viable fusion.

I'll give this card 6/10. I'd give him an 8 if he were more easily accessible or more easily summoned, but the current playability is lower than it should be due to Upper Deck sticking it to us by making DMG a Secret Rare. If you already run a Spellcaster deck, definitely give this guy a good look. If his ability to turn a duel around is anywhere near that of Jinzo, he'll be a real winner.


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