Card of the Day
Rare Metal Dragon Rare Metal Dragon
Dark, Level 4, [Dragon/Effect]
ATK: 2400, DEF: 1200
EP1-EN004, Common

"This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set."

This card, one of the Exclusive Pack movie cards, is the absolute strongest Level 4 monster in the game. One other, called Armor Exe, matches its ATK statistic, but is dramatically less playable.

Looking at the basics of this card, we have a Dark Dragon. Dragons are becoming more respectable with each new pack, and Dark attribute is very good. Clearly, you cannot beat this card's ATK with any other Level 4 monster (not to mention many Level 5+ monsters), and its DEF, while not the ideal 1500, is still close at a searchable 1200.

Now, for the effect. Unfortunately, this card can only be Special Summoned. Fortunately, it can be Special Summoned through ANY effect, and not just one that it specifically mentions, like so many other cards. Basically, this monster behaves in play like a Level 5-6 Tribute Monster which you simply cannot Tribute Summon. Dump-and-revive tactics are common for those monsters, and they will work just as well for this card.

The only problem is, you'd probably rather use your various Special Summoning methods on something that is higher level and has a deadly effect -- take Jinzo for example. His attack is equal to this card's, but his summon is much more effective in virtually any situation. This card is the kind that's not outright bad, but simply isn't as good as other cards. If it had a secondary effect, its value would change dramatically.

If you need more dragons for your dedicated Dragon deck, if you're building a deck around this card, or if you find a very clever way to get him into play, he can be very effective. Do NOT simply throw this card in to replace one of your current beatsticks, though. It serves a slightly different purpose and therefore will require careful consideration. I'll give the card a 2.5/10 for general value -- it will NOT fit in just any deck. I'll give it a 4.0/10 for use in a deck where it is added as part of a well-thought-out strategy or theme.


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