Card of the Day
Fusion Weapon Fusion Weapon
Equip Spell Card
SOD-EN047, Common

"This card can only be equipped to a Fusion Monster of Level 6 or less. Increase the ATK and DEF of the equipped monster by 1500 points."

Since I ran out of Fusion and Ritual support monsters to review (no, I don't currently own Magical Scientist), we'll wrap up the week by looking at this brand new card from the Soul of the Duelist set, Fusion Weapon.

This is an interesting new breed of card that treats the Fusion subtype uniquely during play on the field. And not only that, it is also the best regular equip card in the game since Axe of Despair. A 1500 point boost to BOTH statistics is very respectable, and turns just about any of those pathetic, normally unplayable Fusion monsters into powerhouses. Level 6 Fusions which are already playable, like Dark Flare Knight, who is pictured in this card's art, break the scales if equipped with this card.

Only special purpose equips like Heart of Clear Water, Ring of Magnetism, Megamorph, and United We Stand had been seeing much play prior to the bans, but post-ban, normal equips, like everything else that was previously made moot by rampant Spell/Trap negation, may see a revival. If so, it is cards like this one that may make it happen. This equip is powerful and general enough to make the cut. It can apply to tons of Fusion monsters that are already seeing play.

I'll give this card a 6.5/10 for use in decks that have Level 6 or lower Fusion monsters. I really cannot believe this card is a common; I would expect at least a Super Rare status for it, given its power. Perhaps Konami isn't fully aware of the power Fusions are gaining via having so many different Special Summoning methods?


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