Card of the Day
Dark Hole Dark Hole
Spell Card
LOB-052, Super Rare

"Destroys all monsters on the field."

Card Review
Is it really necessary to review this card? Probably not, but it's worth saying that it is one of the most powerful cards in the game. Almost no deck ever left this card out, even when it overlooked most of the other staples, except perhaps to include Raigeki instead. Another 10/10 rating. Note: Although I have pictured my Super Rare Legend of Blue-Eyes Dark Hole, this card is also available as a common in every single starter deck.

Why the Card is Banned
The exact same reason as Harpie's Feather Duster and this card's cousin, Raigeki. Mass destruction is now the way of the past, paving the way for extended strategies that can hold the field for more than an average of 3 turns.

Best Replacements
Cards that destroy monsters are probably the most ubiquitous effect class in the game, so you should have no trouble finding some worthy replacements. There are even still a few mass destruction cards that can clear all monsters, like the water deck's Levia Dragon. Failing to find a card for mass destruction, you can also fall back on cards that destroy some number of monsters, like Fissure, Offerings to the Doomed, the numerous Trap Hole variants, Sakuretsu Armor, the rather popular Raigeki Break, or one of my favorites, Michizure, in order to make up for the losses of this card, Raigeki, and Mirror Force. Or, instead of destroying monsters, you can try a strategy that involves returning monsters to the hand or deck, or even removing them from play.

My Opinion of the Ban
This ban is clearly right on. Like Harpie's Feather Duster, it's a card that you have to consider throughout a duel as you make your moves, since you always know it's coming sooner or later. No matter what the deck type, it was present in 99% of duels on one or both sides.

Probability of Unbanning
Never, period. They would have to unban everything else, save perhaps Raigeki and the Feather Duster, before this card would come back. I'm still keeping my cool holo LOB Dark Hole, though :P


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