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Diffusion Wave-Motion Diffusion Wave-Motion
Spell Card
RDS-ENSE1, Limited Edition Ultra Rare (Rise of Destiny Special Edition Promo)

"Pay 1000 Life Points. Select 1 Level 7 or higher Spellcaster-Type monster on your side of the field. During this turn, only the selected monster can attack and it attacks all monsters on your opponent's side of the field. The effects of Effect Monsters destroyed by the selected monster in battle cannot be activated."

Here's a great card that, like all the RDS promos, has been made a lot easier to get. A lot of people were disappointed with the promo list when it was released, but not me, because unlike them, I don't have access to cheap card shops or good places to trade and thus my collection kind of reeks, to be frank about it. I won't look a gift like Ultra and Secret Rare cards from previous sets being re-released as promos in the mouth.

Diffusion Wave-Motion is for Spellcaster decks, primarily. It lets your kingpin monster go on a rampage of destruction and (hopefully) destroy all of your opponent's monsters. This is one of the few cards in the game with the potential to let a large set of monsters attack more than once in the same turn, which when combined with certain monster effects, could be very broken. By far, the second aspect of this card's effect is the most wicked. Negating the effects of all your opponent's face-down monsters and getting rid of them isn't just a plus, it makes this card really great.

In the current metagame, the following monsters can exploit this card directly: Cosmo Queen, Dark Magician, Dark Magician of Chaos, Dark Sage, Kazejin, Sorcerer of Dark Magic, Dark Paladin, Legendary Flame Lord, and Skull Knight. That's a respectable collection. However, by using a card like DNA Surgery, you could potentially use this on any Level 7 or higher monster by transforming them into a Spellcaster. This is where some interesting effect madness could come into play. Insect Queen could plop out 4 tokens in one turn, Emes the Infinity's ATK power could shoot through the roof, etc. It might be difficult to pull off, but I bet it would be really cool, too ;)

The downside is, of course, that your opponent is still free to activate traps or set quick-play spell cards in response to any of your attacks. You could end up triggering 5 traps in a row if you did this at the wrong time, and even a single Waboku will make it mostly useless. Better make sure you know what's in the spell/trap zone before you burn through 1000 LP. This card is probably most effective as a finishing blow, when your opponent thinks he is safe behind a wall of defending monsters. That makes it a bad topdeck, however. It's probably best to only run one copy of this card because of that.

I've decided to stop giving numeric ratings for cards as of this review, since they're just an attempt to put an objective measure on something that's purely subjective. Instead, I'll offer my personal opinion of the card on a scale from Horrible to Great, as follows:

Horrible Bad Fair Good Great

I think that's pretty straight-forward. However, as you can probably imagine, I mostly review cards in the Good and Great catagories, so this scale might be pointless ;)

At any rate, I'll put this card in the Good catagory. It's a neat tool for Spellcaster decks and might be fun to mess with in other ways, too.


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