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Total Defense Shogun Total Defense Shogun
Dark, Level 6, [Warrior/Effect]
ATK: 1550, DEF: 2500
CT1-EN001, Limited Edition Secret Rare (2005 Collector Tin Variant)

"This card is changed to Defense Position when it is Normal Summoned or Flip Summoned successfully. This card can attack while it is in Defense Position. If this card attacks while in Defense Position, apply the ATK of this card for damage calculation."

Continuing with the recent deck review theme, here is Total Defense Shogun, a relatively new addition to the game, but one I've grown fond of in that short time. In the RPG games, this card actually has flavor text that's interesting. It says that he alone fought off an army of 1000 men to defend his home and family. Now that's skill and dedication.

Total Defense Shogun is currently the only card that can break the Attack/Defense Position rule. He is allowed to declare an attack while in either position, but as the card text notes, his ATK stat is applied for damage calculation as you should really logically expect. Note this also means that if you attack a monster with higher ATK than Total Defense Shogun, he will be destroyed, since when the ATK of the attacking monster is lower than that of the other, the attacking monster is destroyed. This also means, though, that some traps and spells cannot affect him. He laughs at Level Limit - Area B, and Mirror Force cannot touch him, as examples.

This card is clearly not something you'd put in most decks. It's a special tool that can be interesting with the right support. I picked him to replace Labyrinth Wall as a high-defense Tribute Monster in my high-defense deck; here, he fits the theme. It is also possible to give him support through his Warrior-Type status, as Warriors are really broken right now. It is also best to have some cards in your deck that can pump up his attack. I mentioned Axe of Despair in my deck review, which raises him up to a beefy 2550 points. There are other options as well, but you want to do this because 1550 ATK isn't that powerful. He'll last a while with his high defense, but you really want to be able to attack with him too in order to take full advantage of his effect.

His other effect, the one that puts him in Defense Position automatically when he's Normal or Flip Summoned, is simply there to help make him useful. This eliminates the dilemma of being required to either put him out in ATK mode where he wouldn't last more than one turn, or being required to set him face-down, which would be obvious anyways and wouldn't allow him to attack. Notice it doesn't include Special Summons, however, so be very careful about bringing this guy back with Premature Burial or Call of the Haunted.

I'll give this card an overall Fair rating. He's really neat and great for fun decks like mine. He can fit into high-defense or Warrior schemes quite easily, and with the right support, he'll catch your opponent off guard.


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