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Continuous Destruction Punch Continuous Destruction Punch
Continuous Spell Card
MFC-085, Rare

"When the ATK of an attacking monster on your opponent's side of the field is lower than the DEF of the attacked Defense Position monster on your side of the field, destroy the attacking monster. Damage calculation is applied normally."

Today begins my review of critical Spell cards in my latest deck, and the first of these is Continuous Destruction Punch, a very interesting card to add to a high-defense deck. This card adds the effect of Des Kangaroo to all Defense Position monsters on your side of the field. If your opponent still has the guts to attack your face-downs after seeing a couple with high defense, this card will make them shake in their boots when considering doing it again.

This card also works great along with Sinister Serpent bluffs, since if your opponent believes they are attacking your Serpent again, but instead it's Giant Soldier of Stone, they'll not only take damage but get a possibly vital monster destroyed. Cards this combos well with are cards that increase defense and cards that force your opponent to attack a different monster than the one he wants, like Shift, which I will review once I get to Trap cards.

Unfortunately, with the current disparity between Level 4 beatsticks and Level 4 defenders in terms of playable monsters with high stats, you may find this card becoming useless as your defensive wall is smashed through by cards like Giant Orc, which is precisely what kept happening to me. This card did get to see play and it did help me out several times, but not nearly as much as I wanted. If they're going to make so many 2300 ATK beatsticks, they really need to make some 2300 DEF defenders too, and I don't mean ones that shift to ATK position immediately after being attacked -- perhaps one that changed at the End Phase and could not be changed during the next turn would be balanced. They should add a card or two like this to balance the game.

I'll classify this card in the Fair catagory. It adds something special to high defense strategies like the one my deck was based on by making the opponent's decisions really count. It places pressure on them and causes them to be overly careful, and that's exactly what you want to happen.


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