Card of the Day
The Dark Door The Dark Door
Continuous Spell Card
LON-093, Common

"Both players can only attack with 1 monster during their respective Battle Phases."

The second and last day of Spell card reviews for my recent deck brings some powerful stall cards and some effect monster negation.

The Dark Door is a very powerful, defense-oriented stall card which cuts down the number of monsters that can attack to one. Even if the opponent has a full field, it becomes as if though they have only one monster, allowing you to slow them down, sparing your Life Points, lessening the impact of poor topdecks, and keeping your resource levels high.

The desparation that being locked down by The Dark Door for several turns can create in the opponent can lead him/her to vastly overextend and to make terrible mistakes, such as attacking with his/her highest ATK monster only to ram it into a waiting Trap card that he/she might have otherwise avoided. This card's playability is vastly increased in Advanced format, and it can be of use in almost any deck type that doesn't involve swarming or an emphasis on quickly decreasing the opponent's LP. Examples of decks where this card is great include Exodia, high-defense, burn/stall, and Last Turn OTK.

When you can't dominate the field with monsters, defensive Spell cards are your next lifeline. Though The Dark Door cannot stop all attacks, it slows the game to a crawl for an offensive-minded opponent and gives you critical extra turns that mean the difference between victory and defeat. For use in the proper decks, I classify this card as absolutely Great.


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