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The Creator Incarnate The Creator Incarnate
Light, Level 4, [Warrior/Effect]
ATK: 1600, DEF: 1500
RDS-EN006, Common

Tribute this card to Special Summon 1 "The Creator" from your hand.

The Creator was to Rise of Destiny what Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys was to Flaming Eternity, and it is interesting that both have similar support cards. While the Phoenix has the Hand of Nephthys, The Creator has this, The Creator Incarnate, his avatar form.

The Creator Incarnate is itself a good monster -- a Light Attribute Warrior with decent ATK and a DEF stat that Witch can search in Traditional format. This card begs to be placed into a traditional Chaos build seeking to be less cookie cutter, and thus the idea of Creator Chaos decks was easily born.

Of course, this card's effect is the kicker. You can slap this guy down on the field whenever you have The Creator in hand and he'll instantly evolve into his divine form. For a dedicated Creator deck, this is incredibly useful since The Creator lends access to cards in the Graveyard. This means that if you have more than one copy of The Creator ready to go and wish to summon both, you can recycle the same Creator Incarnate with one's effect to bring out the other in only two turns.

Without The Creator Incarnate, The Creator would be too hefty and hard to summon to justify its lackluster ATK. With this card, it can become a powerful instrument of momentum building, allowing you to bring out a card of decent power quickly and then further augment your field presence by bringing back more monsters from the Graveyard, including quite possibly some of the strongest cards in the game.

To build a dedicated Creator deck is quite simple. Throw in however many Creators you feel is necessary (two at least I'd say), and then put in some powerful Tribute monsters and beatsticks that he can bring back over and over again. Add some specific support or even go with a secondary theme, such as Light Warriors, which will add more synergy, and you have a fearsome deck. Be sure to put in cards that let you discard so you can get Tribute monsters to the Graveyard. This may be very difficult to do in Advanced format, with all the most powerful discarding cards banned, but I'm sure there are ways to see it through even there.

For any deck running The Creator, this card is an absolute staple. Otherwise, he's really outclassed by other cards of similar statistics, and only worthy of a Fair rating when he stands alone. It's his ability to call upon a power far beyond himself which raises him to the level of the legends.

And that'll wrap up one long and crazy year here on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Corner. I wish everyone a safe and happy New Year, and I hope you'll all come back next year for more great reviews and features ^_^


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