Card of the Day
Marshmallon Glasses Marshmallon Glasses
Continuous Spell Card
PP01-EN004, Secret Rare (Premium Pack promo)

While this card and "Marshmallon" are face-up on your side of the field, your opponent cannot select a card other than "Marshmallon" as an attack target.

Today's bonus review covers another one of the Premium Pack promotional cards. This spell is a fun little support card for Marshmallon which lifts its brokenness into a higher echelon.

You can play this card at any time, whether or not you currently have Marshmallon on the field. As soon as both are in play, your opponent will be unable to attack any of your other monsters. Since Marshmallon is only vulnerable to trample damage and to cards that destroy via their effects, this lets you hide behind your puffy little wall for a while.

Running this card is certainly not necessary, and its reliability is somewhat less than the card with which it combos. Other perfectly good alternatives that can achieve the same thing are Ring of Magnetism and Raregold Armor. These cards have the advantage of being able to equip to any of your monsters, but they have the disadvantages of being equip cards as well. As a side note, if you have Marshmallon, Marshmallon Glasses, and another monster equipped with Raregold Armor, your opponent will be unable to declare an attack altogether!

I'd say this card is largely for fun. It would be difficult to squeeze it into most decks, and Marshmallon on its own is already a powerful card that can be utilized for many purposes. Since I feel it's just for fun, I won't offer any sort of rating for it. Try it out if you have it; I'm sure it can be very broken when you manage to get both on the field.


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