Card of the Day
233 Gear Golem the Moving Fortress
Earth, Level 4, [Machine/Effect]
ATK: 800, DEF: 2200
SD10-EN010, Common

Once per turn, during your Main Phase 1, by paying 800 Life Points, this card can attack your opponent directly this turn.

In earlier CotD reviews I mentioned the increasing need for higher-defense Level 4 monsters to match and oppose the steadily climbing ATK of playable beatsticks. Gear Golem the Moving Fortress is one card which helps to meet this need, and its inclusion in the Machine Re-Volt Structure Deck has made it easy to acquire.

2200 DEF is extremely respectable. This will fend off Goblin Elite Attack Force, Giant Orc, Cyber Dragon, and just about any playable beatstick except for the ridiculous Chainsaw Insect. What makes this card even more interesting is its ability to shift to the offensive. Ordinarily, paying 800 LP for a chance to burn your opponent for the same amount would not be useful. But add some equip cards or other bonuses to this monster, and you begin to see added value, Axe of Despair alone gives it a hefty 1800, which for a direct attack is pretty extreme. The rarely played Sword and Shield could see fantastic use with this card.

This card is an Earth monster, so it can squeeze its way into Rock/Earth decks. It can also fit extremely well into any deck that is capable of controlling the position of monster cards on the field, since you could attack directly with it and then change it into Defense Position afterward. I have employed this card in this manner in my new Crystal Beast deck, where he can be manipulated by the Emerald Tortoise.

I have to give this card an Excellent rating, because it can be used as a standard defensive monster in any deck, and because it can also fit into specific themes and abusive combos at the same time. I am still waiting for a 2400 DEF Level 4 without a crappy effect, though. With Chainsaw Insects running amok, not to mention the 2400-ATK Monarchs still owning the metagame, it's really past time for such a card. DEF has always been considered less valuable than ATK, so it only makes sense that the strongest Level 4 defender should be better than the strongest Level 4 attacker in my book.

See my new Advanced Deck Workshop article on Crystal Beasts for an appearance of this card.


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