Deck Report
Chaos Unleashed

As I've mentioned in various other articles and features, I had been forced to abandon my Fiend deck after 5 or 6 experimental iterations, one including a hybrid Fiend/Zombies deck I called "The Alliance of Darkness," lead me to nothing but defeat in the local tournaments due to the rabid use of Chaos.

Somewhat shamefully, I resorted to using my opponent's own weapons against them. After being loaned a Chaos deck for an important tournament, you might say I became hooked on the raw power and the fear it could inflict. After that point, I began to examine my collection to see what cards I already possessed and which I would need to make the deck happen. Only a few days after I had begun, The Lost Millennium: Special Edition was released, and beyond my wildest dreams it contained Chaos Emperor Dragon as one of the four promo variants. Thus began my descent into the Shadow Realm.

I have used this deck at all tournaments since that time with a single exception, when I changed to a Chaos/Warrior build using only Black Luster Soldier, but I quickly abandoned it and went back to the sure thing. Although this deck list represents the result of several iterations and is thus lacking some of the experiments I tried in the interim, I will discuss some of those below.

Special Monsters:

  • 1x Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
  • 1x Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End


  • 1x Jinzo
  • 1x The Creator


  • 1x Zombyra the Dark
  • 3x Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke
  • 1x Breaker the Magical Warrior
  • 1x The Creator Incarnate

General Effect Monsters:

  • 1x D.D. Warrior Lady
  • 1x Witch of the Black Forest
  • 1x Sangan
  • 1x Magician of Faith
  • 1x Magical Scientist
  • 1x Sinister Serpent
  • 2x Spirit Reaper


  • 1x Change of Heart
  • 1x Confiscation
  • 1x Creature Swap
  • 1x The Forceful Sentry
  • 1x Graceful Charity
  • 1x Harpie's Feather Duster
  • 1x Heavy Storm
  • 1x Lightning Vortex
  • 1x Messenger of Peace
  • 1x Metamorphosis
  • 1x Monster Reborn
  • 1x Mystical Space Typhoon
  • 1x Nobleman of Crossout
  • 1x Painful Choice
  • 1x Pot of Greed
  • 1x Premature Burial
  • 1x Snatch Steal
  • 1x United We Stand


  • 1x Bottomless Trap Hole
  • 1x Call of the Haunted
  • 1x Divine Wrath
  • 1x Imperial Order
  • 1x Ring of Destruction
  • 1x Royal Decree
  • 1x Spell Shield Type-8
  • 1x Torrential Tribute

Fusion Deck:

  • 2x St. Joan
  • 1x Dark Blade the Dragon Knight
  • 1x Mokey Mokey King
  • 1x Reaper on the Nightmare
  • 1x Thousand-Eyes Restrict

Card Summary:

     Special monsters:    2 ( 4%)
     Tribute monsters:    2 ( 4%)
     Beatsticks:          6 (13%)
     Effect monsters:     8 (18%)
     Total monsters:     18 (40%)

     Spells:             18 (40%)
     Traps:               8 (18%)
     Total Spells/Traps: 26 (59%)
     Total Cards:        44

As you can see, this is a fairly cookie cutter Chaos deck, but with a few conscious attempts to break the mold. The Creator is in force to combo with Graceful Charity, Sinister Serpent, and Painful Choice, which has worked to great effect in several duels, particularly to bring Jinzo from the deck to the field when he is sorely needed. I added Messenger of Peace to try to stall out players with aggressive beatdowns when I'm getting bad top decks. Lastly, I have a higher trap count than normal so that I can run cards like Divine Wrath, which are powerful but often overlooked, particularly in a meta clogged with cookie cutter Chaos decks. My Fusion deck is also unorthodox, as I own very few of the usual cards used with Magical Scientist. St. Joan is in there only for the rare case that I might Snatch Steal or Creature Swap a Level 7 monster, as she is a very powerful Level 7 Light Fusion. Mokey Mokey King is for a Magical Scientist + Torrential Tribute combo that could put a Light and Dark into my Graveyard at the "mere" cost of 2000 LP.

Since I skipped several play sessions and tournaments due to my deck list being in constant flux, I said I would explain some of my previous deck iterations and how they slowly changed into the monsterous list you now see before you. I will explain the differences by the card to which they pertain.

  • Black Luster Soldier: This card wasn't added until my most recent deck iteration due to the recent release of Master Collection Vol. 2. Originally I ran a Chaos Sorcerer in this slot.

  • The Creator and The Creator Incarnate: In the first iteration I was running a Great Maju Garzett left over from my Fiend deck. I later changed this to an Emes the Infinity, who performed surprisingly well and actually won me several duels (who said Level 7 tribute monsters cannot do that??). I then changed to The Creator after the release of Elemental Energy: Special Edition, and changed one Homunculus the Alchemic Being, who was being run only because he was a strong Light-Attribute beatstick, into The Creator Incarnate to add critical support.

  • Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke: In the original iteration, I owned only one copy of this card, and thus I had two Homunculus the Alchemic Being and a Giant Orc left over from my Fiend deck. I later pulled two new Ninja Grandmasters, one of them an Ultimate Rare, and added them into the deck to counter the ever-rampant use of Spirit Reaper.

  • Breaker the Magical Warrior: As with BLS, I didn't own this cool card until after the release of Master Collection Vol. 2, so in this slot was originally a second Zombyra the Dark.

  • D.D. Warrior Lady: I tried so many different cards in this slot that I don't even remember them all now. A few I do remember trying were Pixie Knight, Shining Angel, and even Watapon. None of those did me any good, though, so as soon as the Warrior structure came out, the Warrior Lady was in.

  • Spirit Reaper: I only owned one originally. I got the second by buying a special dual Dragon & Zombie Structure Deck pack that contained the promo cards Armed Dragon LV7 and Rope of Life so that I could give some of the Dragon cards to my dad as a Christmas present (he's crazy about Dragons, and is probably one of the best Dragon duelists around). I actually dropped Scapegoat from my Spells lineup to add this, since I figured one Spirit Reaper is as good as a billion Scapegoat tokens.

  • Lightning Vortex: Obviously on my budget I didn't own this card until the Warrior structure was released. It replaced Dark Hole, which I simply don't have room for now (I far prefer Torrential Tribute).

  • United We Stand: I bought this for 50% ($15 vs $30) at Christmas time. It replaced my old standby, Axe of Despair, which I was still equipping to Zombyra the Dark most of the time ;)

  • Bottomless Trap Hole: This replaced a slot previously taken by several cards, including at times Trap Hole, Adhesion Trap Hole, and Waboku. I pulled this out of a reprint pack and so it is a common :)

  • Divine Wrath: An extremely lucky pull out of a holo-packed tin I bought at Wal-Mart (I swear, this one tin had 5 holos in it!). One of two cards added to the deck to bring it to a somewhat bloated 44.

  • Imperial Order: Although this card has been there since the beginning, I thought I'd explain how I got ahold of such a valuable card given my low budget status: This is one of the $80 worth of cards which I won at the tournament in which I took 3rd place.

  • Ring of Destruction: Found this in a rare Invasion of Chaos: Special Edition box. I am extremely lucky to have a lot of cheap, low-life idiots in this area who tear up all the Special Edition boxes in the store to look inside and see what the card is. I found this one's box so beat-up looking that I thought a truck had ran over it. The card was fine though, so I couldn't resist snatching it up. This was the other card added to the deck to raise the card count to 44.

  • Royal Decree: Another good common pull from a reprint pack, this replaced Seven Tools of the Bandit.

  • Spell Shield Type-8: A holo I won at a tournament in which I took 2nd place. This just recently replaced Magic Jammer, after I had failed to notice that it is actually a better card for several months.

So there you have it, the short and mostly useless revision history of this deck. All in all, I played in three tournaments with this deck. In all of them I made it to the Top 8, in two to the Top 4, and in those I took 2nd place. I tend to buckle under pressure in the final matches, although the first 2nd place win I took involved an incredible duel with one of the top-ranked players in this state, who beat me by using a MoF flip to retrieve Graceful Charity, which he used to draw the FINAL THREE cards out of his deck, one of which was Black Luster Soldier. This gave him the win. Even though I lost, that was the most incredible duel I have ever played and I will never forget it.

I have also taken this deck to the last two library play sessions, where its level of dominance is simply sickening to the point where I feel like a monster for even bringing it. I don't know how many little kids have quit playing the game after facing me when I use this thing against them :P To keep from looking like an asshole, I also took an excellent iteration of my "Monks of Stone" deck, which performed very strongly even against Traditional format decks!

I am currently on a boycott of the local tournament scene, so I will not be reporting on it for quite a while. However, the next library play session is March 15, and I am already prepared. I do still intend to bring my Chaos deck, as some of the kids think it's really awesome and actually want me to use it against them, but I am also going to bring the newest iteration of my Earth deck, AND a brand-new deck which will remain a secret for now until I review it in the next Advanced Deck Workshop. For now, I'm out.


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