1897 - Bram Stoker's Dracula

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John Morris

Quincey Morris, an American citizen but Belmont by blood, and his friend Jonathan Harker destroyed Dracula after a dramatic chase took them from England to Romania under the leadership of the enigmatic Doctor Van Helsing.

Dracula had traveled to England to find Jonathan's fiancee, Mina, who bore a striking resemblence to Mathias Cronqvist's love, Elizabetha. Jonathan had been sent to the Count's castle to close a real estate deal which the now-insane Renfield had failed to complete, and when Dracula saw a picture of the young man's fiancee, he was instantly overcome with obsession

After seducing her and infecting her with the curse, Dracula took flight back to Transylvania. In an effort to draw him out, Van Helsing brought Mina to Romania and into the depths of the Demon Castle itself as Quincey and the others attempted to head Dracula off.

It was at the castle just before dusk that Quincey and Jonathan finally caught up with Dracula. Quincey dug his bowie knife into Dracula's chest, beginning the process of destroying him, but he was attacked by Dracula's gypsie servants, who inflicted mortal wounds upon him. He died shortly thereafter, leaving behind his young son John.

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