1917 - Castlevania: Bloodlines

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Drolta Tzuentes

Drolta Tzuentes, a naive witch practicing black magic, accidentally resurrected the vampire countess Elizabeth Bartley. Bartley, who was the niece of Vlad Ţepeş, had been tried for vampirism and executed centuries earlier. Her cruelty was widely reknowned and had become the stuff of legends. It was said that she bathed in the blood of a virgin girl daily in the belief that doing so would give her eternal youth. She was probably truly brought over to vampirism by her uncle not long after he obtained his own powers.

Elizabeth Bartley

Countess Bartley, yearning for power and the blood of innocents, set about the resurrection of her uncle, starting World War I as cover for her devious activities.

John Morris, who had remained in Europe after the death of his father, soon learned of his Belmont heritage. Through various contacts, he learned of the family history, and most importantly, of the Vampire Killer whip, which was passed on to him at that point so that he could learn to use it. He feared the resurrection of Dracula, but he also longed to avenge the death of his father.

Eric Lecarde

Not long after Elizabeth Bartley's resurrection, fiendish happenings began to occur in John's home town where he lived along with his good friend, Eric Lecarde. Eric was newly married and was just settling in to the life of a husband. Then one day, tragedy struck. Eric came home to find his wife missing. Alerting the local authorities, they lead him to Drolta, who had recently been arrested on complaints of animal sacrifice. She told him to look for the Countess. He set out at once, and when he found her, he also found his wife, newly made into a vampire. With terrible pain he was forced to slay her. He warned the Countess that he would utterly destroy her, but she only laughed, mocking him, and then escaped as a cloud of mist.

Eric found John as fast as he could, and the two set off together, following Countess Bartley on her mad quest through Europe. She was searching for the remnants of Dracula's minions, who she hoped would aid her in resurrecting the Count. Eric battled with his mystic heirloom Alucard Spear, and John wielded the mighty Vampire Killer with skill. Together they defeated all the minions with whom Bartley had met, but it seemed they were always a step behind.

Bartley eventually gained enough power and knowledge to resurrect her uncle. But as soon as she had completed her task, Eric and John caught up with her in England. After destroying her, they turned to Dracula and put an end to him. Eric avenged his wife, and John his father.

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