1591 - Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge

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Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge

During the 15-year interlude, Christopher raised his son Soleiyu and began training him in the ways of the vampire killer. Christopher was very troubled, though, because it seemed that the power of Dracula had not faded.

It was Soleiyu's birthday and Christopher had decided that the time had come for him to pass on the Vampire Killer whip and the title of "Vampire Killer" to his son, so a holy ritual was performed to confer upon Soleiyu these things, as well as many blessings.

Christopher's worst nightmares came to life that night when he awoke to find his son missing. Dracula, following through on his plot, had kidnapped Soleiyu and planned to use the boy's powers against Christopher to put an end to the Belmont line forever. Soleiyu, scared and confused, lacking the full skills of a vampire hunter, easily succumbed to Dracula and became possessed by demons. Dracula desired to use Soleiyu's power to resurrect Castlevania, but his attempts failed. Instead, four castles were raised, each containing some aspect of the whole -- one of plant, one of cloud, one of rock, and one of crystal.

Christopher battled through all four of these castles and destroyed their evil guardians. However, as soon as he had completed these arduous tasks, Dracula used the life forces of the vanquished guardians, combining them into one and bringing Castlevania fully back to the earthly plane. Unrelenting, Christopher proceeded on into the Demon Castle itself.

Christopher was relieved when he met Soleiyu in the castle, but his relief quickly turned to horror when he saw that his son was possessed and was challenging him to battle. Christopher had to be very careful, but at the same time the battle was fierce. Finally defeating Soleiyu without destroying him, the boy returned to his senses and was freed from his possession by the magic of the Vampire Killer. With Soleiyu now safe, Christopher was able to turn his full rage against Dracula. He ultimately defeated the Dark Lord, and confined him to yet another 100 years of unpeaceful sleep.

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