1691 - Castlevania

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As the forces of evil strengthened once again, Dracula was freed from his sleep, and Castlevania appeared in Transylvania. Ready to face destiny was the young Simon Belmont. Though Simon was not as magically gifted as some of his predecessors, his skill and power with the whip were unsurpassed.

And Simon would need every bit of his power and courage, as Dracula assembled the greatest undead army he had yet controlled. Diverse legions of creatures were lead by what we now consider classic icons of horror and myth -- Medusa, the legendary Gorgon; The Monster, a Frankenstein-like creation who fought alongside an immortal hunchback fiend; and Akmodan, the undead mummy twins.

Simon fought valiantly and won his way to the Count. Having failed to end the Belmont line through kidnapping and possession, Dracula now had a new plan, even more fiendish. If he failed in battle, he would curse Simon with a deadly infliction, sure to end the vampire hunter's life and the Belmont bloodline with it.

Simon was successful in defeating Dracula; however, he was oblivious to the curse which was placed upon him, and returned to his vigilant watch of the countryside.

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