1693 - Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

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Simon Belmont

Two years had passed, but Simon's wounds inflicted in the battle with the Dark Lord had not healed. Rather, they were growing worse by the day, and Simon felt that they would soon kill him. Even worse, Dracula's power had again not seemed to fade, and a malaise had settled across the countryside. Heeding the warnings left to him by his ancestor Christopher, Simon began looking for signs of Dracula's survival. He found nothing conclusive, other than the nightly terror inflicted on residents of Transylvania by packs of undead monsters.

One night, a maiden appeared before Simon and explained to him the curse. She also told him that she knew how to lift it. Ironically, in order to lift the curse, Simon himself would have to resurrect Dracula and destroy him again. The maiden left him with the whispered words of hope, "If you have the courage to risk your life, then you will find the strength to win again." She then vanished, leaving Simon to deal with his fate.

Simon would soon learn that his task would be very long and difficult. In order to resurrect Dracula, he would need to find his five bodily remains -- the Rib, Heart, Eye, Nail, and Ring of Vlad -- and burn them in the ruins of Castlevania. Dracula, having anticipated an attempt by Simon to lift the curse, had instructed his followers to scatter these remains throughout Transylvania, and to guard them in ancient, dangerous mansions.

Simon was dismayed to find that many people along the way blamed the Belmonts for the ongoing trouble, as if it was their power that made evil necessary, and not the other way around. However, those who were wise knew that Simon was not to blame, and understood that Dracula's curse was the cause of the problems.

Undaunted by the negative attitudes of the people, Simon proceeded into the ruins of Castlevania. In a shallow basement not far from the once-elegant entrance hall, Simon chose an altar upon which to burn Dracula's remains. He watched in both awe and horror as the Count arose from the flames, zombified. Dracula's own plan had now backfired, and the Count was in a much weakened state. Simon was able to dispatch the Count quickly, and just as the maiden had promised, he felt his curse lift and his wounds begin to heal. Never again would a Belmont fall victim to such black magic.

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