1698 - Super Castlevania IV

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By this time, it had become a widespread legend that Dracula only arose once every 100 years. So, when Simon finally freed himself of his curse and the power of Dracula at last seemed to fade, no one was expecting the Count to return for a great deal of time, including Simon himself.

The followers of evil had drastically different plans, however. Five years of peace had passed, but now they lusted for chaos. Bent on the full resurrection of their Dark Lord, they called together a great meeting in an abandoned abbey not far from where Castlevania's ruins still smouldered. They began dark incantations and performed many unholy rituals, culminating in human sacri- fice. As they poured the blood of their victim over their unholy altar, a malevolent storm blew in, shaking the walls of the abbey. Elsewhere, a great lightning bolt struck down from the clouds, destroying a grave stone upon which was a single word, so weathered that it could barely be read -- DRACULA.

The Dark Lord wasted no time in reestablishing his full power, starting off by drinking the blood of some of the very worshippers who had brought about his resurrection. His full army was called to his castle and the surrounding areas. Medusa returned in her full form, the Monster was rebuilt from fresh corpses, and a new Akmodan, the elder brother of the fallen twins, was brought to life. They were joined by many other great abominations, and in short time, a legion of monsters was again overrunning Transylvania.

The people, now fully confident in the power of Belmont, wasted no time. Once again, Simon Belmont was called upon to destroy Dracula. With only his whip and courage, he set out to restore peace to Transylvania.

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