1479 - Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

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Julia Laforeze

Trevor Belmont had destroyed Dracula with his band of warriors and temporarily sealed him from the world with the power of the Belmont blood, but in his final moments, Dracula spoke a terrible curse which would continue to destroy Europe with pestilence and war.

The Devil Forgemaster Isaac had once loved to sit atop Castlevania's lofty spires from which he could view all of what would one day belong to his master, the Dark Lord. But now he had barely escaped his own death as the castle collapsed around him. Isaac knew in his heart that there was no way Dracula could have been defeated without Hector's betrayal, and he swiftly plotted his revenge.

Isaac orchestrated events that would find Rosaly accused of witchcraft and executed, much as Dracula's own love had once died. Hector was crushed and furious, and he pursued Isaac to the ruins of an old Wallachian castle where the two parleyed. Isaac refused to fight, and demanded that Hector first regain his powers of Devil Forgemastery. Though he wished to avoid this dark road, Hector had no choice but to comply and began a long quest to follow Isaac.

Hector and Isaac eventually fought a minor battle in the abandoned town of Cordova, but Julia Laforeze, the good witch who earlier helped Hector, appeared and revealed that she was Isaac's sister. She pleaded with Hector to find some way to save Isaac rather than kill him, but Hector was very skeptical. Soon he found the other Forgemaster locked in furious battle with Trevor Belmont, with whom Hector himself had earlier met, fought, and lost a battle. Isaac dodged the Vampire Killer with impossible skill and raked the tip of his Chauve-souris spear across Trevor's chest, wetting it with the man's sacred blood. Isaac vanished and Trevor implored Hector to meet him back at the abandoned castle.

After Hector fought Trevor yet again in an unannounced sparring match, the Vampire Hunter opened the door to the Infinite Corridor, where Isaac had fled using the power of the blood on his spear in an attempt to unlock Castlevania from its slumber. Hector defeated the mighty Dullahan within, but he had been duped: the power unleashed by this battle brought Castlevania back to the earthly plane.

During the ensuing chaos, Isaac sneaked up behind Trevor and ran him through with his spear, intending to kill him. Fortunately Julia rescued Trevor and saved his life. However, this left Hector to enter the Demon Castle alone.

Finally reaching the castle keep, Hector met once again with Isaac, and this time the two waged a full-on war using their Innocent Devils. Heeding a warning left to him earlier by a time-traveling man named Saint Germain, Hector paused just before he would finish Isaac off, at last realizing that Rosaly would not want him to kill for her. However, the mysterious monk Zead, who had fought with Saint Germain, appeared once again and sealed Isaac's body into a coffin which then vanished. He then revealed that he was actually Death, who was attempting to orchestrate the resurrection of Dracula through Hector's death. But since Hector had bested Isaac, he would now use the other Forgemaster to complete his plan. Hector destroyed Death and raced to the castle keep, but it was too late. Opening the final door, he saw the coffin lid slide away and from within it emerged Dracula.

Dracula accused Hector of treason and demanded to know why he was betrayed. Hector however demanded to know why Dracula had declared war on humanity. The Dark Lord replied that the weak are always judged by the strong. Humanity had sinned against him when they destroyed his beloved Lisa, and so he would condemn them to destruction. Hector refused to accept this logic, and engaged Dracula in battle. Deftly defeating the Dark Lord, Dracula gasped that the transformation must have been incomplete -- he was indeed not fully resurrected and had only a fraction of his true power at his disposal. He vanished and in his place was the body of Isaac, who was now dead.

Hector performed the Final Forging, into which he sealed all the power of Dracula's foul curse. The castle began to crumble and Hector intended to let himself die within it, but at the last moment Julia appeared to say farewell to her brother. She managed to convince Hector to leave with her just in time.

Outside the castle, Hector spoke to Julia, realizing that even though the curse had been lifted, the hearts of men would not soon recover. Julia reassured him that only time was needed to heal these wounds. Hector intended to find his remaining friends and take them into hiding, but Julia said she knew of a perfect place he could stay -- with her. The two built a new life together in the high Baljhet Mountains and were never heard of again.

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