1476 - Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

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Grant Dǎneşti

A young Trevor Belmont, now in his prime as a vampire hunter, swiftly answered the urgent call to arms issued by the Church. Sneaking into Wallachia under cover of his cloak and the ever-present darkness, Trevor made his way to the very gates of Castlevania, the Dark Lord's forbidden manse.

Trevor retrieved the Vampire Killer whip from the Poltergeist King, who had added his own blessings to it, making it a weapon of legend, and also learned about the relics his mother had recovered. They would enable him to use special magical weapons -- the dagger, cross, holy water, axe, and watch -- which he would find throughout Castlevania by releasing them from candles with the alchemic magic of the whip.

Sypha Belnades

On his way through the Wallachian countryside and the Demon Castle itself, Trevor met three fellow warriors. The first was Grant DaNasty, a member of the Dǎneşti who were a rival clan of Ţepeş, who was a pirate by trade and could climb up walls and across ceilings while stealthfully throwing daggers. The second was the mysterious mage Sypha Belnades, who had been turned to stone by the Cyclops. Finally, Trevor met Alucard, who tested Trevor just as he had his mother, this time to be sure of the truth of his identity. The four warriors then continued the fight toward Dracula together.

Trevor's power was so great that he was able to destroy Dracula and confine him to a hundred years' sleep, the longest time for which he could be entombed. Trevor is known to have married Sypha after his battles, who contributed her inherited magical abilities to further strengthen the Belmont bloodline. Also, recognizing the bravery and protective value of the Belmont clan, the peoples of Transylvania and Wallachia at last lifted their exile, and the clan returned to live in their native home. Because of all this, the Belmont name now became legendary.

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