1474 - The War With Humanity

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The Dark Lord

History records that in 1474, Matthias Corvinus sent Vlad Dracula together with his own kin, Ştefan Báthory, and a regiment of soldiers to reclaim the Wallachian throne.

In reality, it was Vlad Ţepeş alone who commanded this invasion, and swiftly he regained his old principality. This time, however, not human soldiers but the very creatures of Hell flowed from his castles and armories. An unholy and unstoppable power backed their every advance, and wicked men of all walks of life turned to their service, including the powerful Devil Forgemasters, Hector and Isaac.

Eventually, however, the Forgemaster Hector fell in love with a woman named Rosaly, and this experience changed him forever. He forsook the power of Dracula and began to use his skills to aid humans in battle.

Sweeping across Eastern Europe like lightning, in due time Dracula's army would threaten to destroy the entire world. The kings and the Church pooled their meager forces to oppose the might of Dracula, but they continued to crumble one after the other.

With Hector's help, however, the tide of the war began to slowly turn, opening a precious gap in Dracula's circles of defense. It was in this that the only hope for the world could come to pass.

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