1462 - Death of Lisa and Rebirth of Vlad Dracula

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In the year 1462, Dracula was forced to abdicate the throne of Wallachia in Târgovişte. Implementing a war of attrition, crops and villages were burned, wells were poisoned, lepers and plague-bearers were released to mingle with the enemy, and entire towns of people were impaled until stakes rose about the city like a grim forest.

So sickened was Sultan Mehmed at the sight of twenty thousand impaled men, women, and children encircling Târgovişte that he abandoned the command of his men to Radu and immediately returned to Adrianople, unwilling to ever again march in battle.

Vlad III Drǎculea 'Ţepeş'

Dracula had fled for the blood-stained Poienari Castle, but he could not bring his human wife Lisa or his son Alucard with him. It was at this time that Lisa was taken by the townspeople as she worked to cure them of disease and was burned as a witch. With her final words, Alucard was ultimately and forever turned against the wicked ways of his father. Even though he would have slaughtered all the humans at Lisa's execution in order to save her, she stayed his hand, showed them mercy, and surrendered her own life.

Though high in the foot of the Carpathians, resting above the Râul Doamnei, Poienari was at last proven assailable, and Vlad was forced to surrender. Inexplicably shown mercy by the invaders, he was allowed to escape with a large part of his army.

Though Vlad was able to regroup and take back his throne within the year, he was tricked by King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary and taken prisoner. Brought to the city of Pest, Vlad eventually gained the trust of the King and was given many priveleges unusual for a political prisoner.

It must have been at this time that Matthias Corvinus revealed his true identity to Vlad Ţepeş in an attempt to absorb his vampiric soul. However, this soul proved too much for Mathias Cronqvist to subdue, and instead of subjugating one to the will of the other, the two were perfectly fused by the power of the Crimson Stone. This new being who had all the experiences and powers of both men would soon set out to seek revenge for both the women he had now loved and lost. Whereas Mathias had been content to sit in his castle in a peaceful realm and slowly increase his power, Dracula would bring the wrath of war to the world, unfettered and raw.

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