1450 - Castlevania Legends

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Sonia Belmont

It was at this time that the Romanian prince Vlad III Drǎculea "Ţepeş" reached the height of his power, having earlier undertaken a dark transmigration from his human body which rendered him a vampire. Though he had not yet become the Dark Lord, his iron-fisted rule of the province of Wallachia now threatened to spread to neighboring provinces. Against him rose the Ottoman Turks, the Saxons, and the noble boyars of Hungary, none of whom were allied with the others, and the unrelenting blight of war was set upon the land from all sides.

Now at the age of 17, Sonia met the enigmatic Alucard, the prodigal son of Dracula. The two spent a great deal of time together, and it is said that they fell in love. Alucard had only just begun to turn away from admiration of his father, and he did not at first realize the role that Sonia had to play. However, through this meeting Sonia finally felt she had learned her true purpose, and that was to defeat the Dark Prince who threatened the serenity of Transylvania.

Sonia set out for Dracula's castle with her whip in hand. On the way she met a mysterious spirit who challenged her to find five sacred objects which had been stolen away to the dark castle. She agreed to keep an eye out for them, feeling that this spirit was in genuine need.

Sonia soon reached the Keep of Dracula's castle, where she had expected to find the Dark Prince himself enthroned. To her astonishment, she instead met Alucard, who was equally astonished to see her. Alucard did not want Sonia to be involved in the battle against his father since he felt it was his own duty to deal with the transgressions of his bloodline. However, Sonia's determination to fight on was ferocious, and Alucard could tell that she would not willingly back down. In order to assure himself of her powers, he challenged her to battle. Once she had pushed the dhampir to his limit, he conceded that her power was greater than he had known. He stepped aside to let her face his father in his stead, for the time leaving his betrayal a secret.

Adrian Farenheits Ţepeş in 1450

Sonia went on to find Dracula enthroned within the secret Ceremonial Chamber deep beneath the castle, the site where he had tortured, impaled, and drank the blood of countless victims. Vlad fruitlessly attempted to seduce the young girl into thralldom, saying there would be great merit in having her power at his disposal. The two then engaged in battle: the dance of righteous whip and darkling fire which would become an endlessly-repeating history of sorrow throughout the ages. Though Sonia bested the Dark Prince in battle, destroying his monsterous dragon-like incarnation, he warned her that victory was not so simple, and that as long as there was evil in the world, he would continue to rule. Sonia countered by stating that as long as the Belmont bloodline lived, Dracula could only be defeated time and time again.

Not long after this, Sonia gave birth to her child, Trevor, rumored by some to also be the son of Alucard, though the sages consider this unlikely due to the probable incompatibility of Belmont and vampiric blood.

Sonia's sound defeat of Dracula had spared the people of Transylvania for the time being, but her incredible powers created great fear amongst the people. Though they had been spared slavery and death, they chose to exile the Belmonts. Before leaving Transylvania, however, Sonia left the Vampire Killer whip and the five sacred relics she had found with a spirit she had earlier met who now revealed himself as the Poltergeist King. The Belmonts left, but not with bitter hearts.

Dracula, defeated but not destroyed, recalled his armies to the capital of Târgovişte where he needed their support against the unyielding onslaught of the Ottoman Turks, who marched under the very same Sultan Mehmed II who had once mentored Vlad and his brother, Radu cel Frumos, in their youth.

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